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Emotional support

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Listening to and talking with parents who are grieving the loss of their baby, worried about their baby in a NICU or special care nursery, or needing to talk during other perinatal times such as bed rest. This has been Neo-Fight's most important function since 1976.

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Yearly and as need arises, we make deliveries of "NICU Baskets" filled with such things as Neo-Fight information, Preemie Clothes, Single-Use Cameras and Hershey Hugs to the Nursing Staff at 11 area hospitals.

We speak about Neo-Fight and our mission with students at the School of Nursing, the School of Medicine, School of Education, and the Medical Genetics Program at IUPUI.

We maintain the Neo-Fight website with listings of Indiana resources, national resources and on-line support groups.

We publish a full-page listing about Neo-Fight in the Rainbow Book, a directory of human services in Central Indiana.

We periodically publish an updated and revised version of our Listener Training Manual.

We train new listeners in our Listener Training Class

Education and Outreach